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Ogo Ball

Climb inside the Hocking Peaks OGO Ball by yourself or with friends for the adventure of your life.
The OGO Ball is a 12ft inflatable ball with a 6ft inflatable ball suspended in the middle of it. There are two types to choose from.

The dry Ogo ball has a seat and a harness inside of it so that when the ball rolls down the track on the hill, you will roll over and over with it. It has a weight limit of 250lbs and all riders must be 5ft tall.

The Aqua Ball is a smooth with no harness, and 15 gallons of water is added for you to splash around in. Up to three people can ride in the Aqua Ball at the same time, with a weight limit of 400lbs and no height requirement.

Our track was professionally designed for your safety. Come and enjoy a wet and wild adventure!

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